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As we all know, Navratri is the Biggest and Popular Festival in India. Almost the whole country celebrates this prosperous Festival. Navratri is most popular in Gujarat and Maharashtra. As you all know we already wrote a separate article on "Navratri in Gujarat". Now let's talk about Happy Navratri Quotes and Wishes

Navratri Wishes and Quotes

If Navratri is your favorite festival then you love our Navratri Wishes Collection 2020. So keep scrolling for Beautiful Navratri Quotes

Happy Navratri Wishes 2020: Greetings and Status for Whatsapp

May the Nine Days and Nine Nights of Navratri
Bring your good health and fortune.
May Maa Durga always guide & Bless all of us.

What is that bright light?
From where does this fragrance coming?
This gentle breeze, cool air, hearty music;
Oh! It's Navaratri...
Happy Navaratri

May Goddess Durga
provide you the strength
to overcome all obstacles in life.
Shubh Navratri!

Wishing you the energy of Maa Durga,
The poise of Maa Saraswati;
Wishing you a warm and blessed Navratri.
Have a blessed Navratri!!

I wish you busy nine days in the service of Durga Maa;
I wish you a colorful festive time;
Best wishes to you on Navratri.
Always Keep Smiling!

We are the Fortunate People
Maa Durga has given us a chance
To worship her and be at peace
To celebrate, Sing and Dance.
May Maa Durga always Guide Us.

May Goddess Durga Shower
All Her Blessings on You
And Your Family.
Wishing you a very Happy Navratri!

I wish that Goddess Durga is always there to protect you from all problems in life.
May this Navratri be full of happiness and good health for you.
Happy Navratri to You 

May DURGA MAA give prosperity to you and your family.
May her blessings be always with you. Jai Mata Di.
Happy Navratri

Sending my best wishes on the auspicious occasion of Navratri;
Wishing you a joyous and prosperity;
May you find good health and happiness in the blessings of Maa Durga!!!🙏

Latest Navratri Wishing Quotes and Status for Whatsapp

If you don’t respect women for the rest of 356 days,
I am sure your 9 days of Navratri puja can’t make Durga Maa happy.

May this Navratri
Fill Your Life with the colors
Of Happiness and Prosperity.
Wishing You
A very Happy Navratri

The time for celebration has come...
Wishing a very Happy Navratri to you mom;
Let us celebrate this Navratri with euphoria and zest to welcome good times.
Keep Smiling 😊

I hope that on the pious occasion of Navratri you are blessed with good health and prosperity.
Wishing a very Happy Navratri to my dearest mother. ❤

May Maa Durga bestow you and your family
With 9 forms of blessings- Fame, Name, Wealth,
Prosperity, Happiness, Education,
Health, Power, and Commitment.
Happy Navratri

May this Navratri brighten up your life,
With joy, wealth, and good health.
Wishing you a Happy Navratri

Good wishes for a joyous Navratri,
with plenty of peace and prosperity.
Happy Navratri

This festival brings a lot of colors in our lives.
May bright colors dominate in your life.
Happy Navratri

May Maa Durga Illuminate Your Life
With Countless Blessings Of Happiness.
Happy Navratri.

Lakshmi donates the internal wealth
Of virtues or divine qualities.
Happy Navratri

Maa Durga is a Mother of the Universe,
She represents the infinite power of the universe
And is a symbol of a female dynamism.
Happy Navratri

Maa Durga Means She who is incomprehensible to reach.
Happy Navratri🙏
Keep Smiling 😊

Our hearty Greetings to everyone on the auspicious occasion of Navratri.
May Maa Durga always guide & Bless all of us.

May the blessing of Maa Durga guide you on the right path
And help you in all your endeavors.
Warm wishes of Navratri to all.

Happy Navratri - May the divine blessings
Of the goddess of power, Maa Durga,
Be with you always!
Jai Mata Di 

Navratri Captions for FB & Insta [Trending]

Here are some Beautiful Navratri Wishing Status and Captions, which you can share on Facebook. Also, this line you can use on your Instagram Photo Caption to wish Navratri.

May maa Durga empower
You and your family
With her nine swaroopa of name
Fame, Health, Wealth, Happiness,
Humanity, Education, Bhakti and Shakti

On this special Day, As You Celebrate valor & courage, Triumph of Good over Evil, Wish you success & Happiness in Everything you Do. HAPPY NAVRATRI.

May the festival of lightings be the harbinger of exuberance and prosperity.
As the holy occasion of Navratri is here and the atmosphere is filled with the minds of the mirth and love.

Feast and have fun
The dandiya raas has been engaged in
Maa is blessing us through
A very Happy Navratri to You and Your Family.

May the brightness of Navratri
Fill your days with cheer
May all your dreams come true
During Navratri and all through the year.
Devote yourself to the nine days festival of worshiping goddesses.
Happy Navaratri!!!

Long live the tradition of Hindu culture and as the generations have passed by Hindu culture is get stronger and stronger let us keep it up. Best Wants for Navratri!

Today is the first NAVRATRA. May GOD DURGA make prosperous to you and to their own families. May her boons be always with you.
Jai Mata Di 🙏

Maa Durga Means She who is incomprehensible to reach
Happy Navaratri 2020. 

This Navratri light the lamp of happiness, prosperity, and knowledge.
Happiest Navratri to You and Your Family.

Ma Durga removes all obstacles and defects.
Happy Navratri

Play Garba with the intention of celebrating the festival
Not to change your relationship status.

Dance on Garba floor and celebrate
The enchanting festival with your friends and families.

Latest Navratri Wishes 2020 - New Navratri Quotes

Here are some latest Navratri Wishing Messages and Quotes which you can share with your Friends and Family in Whatsapp Groups.

I know that Goddess Durga is happy with me.
She has made my life so rich with a friend like you!
Happy Navratri! My Friend ❤

On Navratri, may Maa Durga inspire all of us with positivity, strength, wisdom, and devotion!
Jai Ambe! Jai Bhavani! Jai Mata Di!

Maa Durga, the universal mother is the embodiment of power.
We bow to her to seek blessings on this auspicious occasion of Navratri

Happy Navratri May the divine blessings of the goddess of power,
Maa Durga, be with you on always! Jai Mata Di!

May the blessing of Maa Durga
Guide you on the right path and help you in all your endeavors.
Warm wishes of Navratri to all.

Our hearty Greetings to everyone on the auspicious occasion of Navratri.
May Maa Durga always guide & bless all of us.

I Pray to Maa Durga to give you all SHANTI, SHAKTI, SAMPATTI, SWAROOP, SAADGI, SANYAM, SAMMAN, SADACHAAR, and SNEH. Happy Navratri 2020.

Its an Auspicious Day of Navratri,
Make a wish and it shall come True
Do good deeds and forget the rest
Maa is constantly watching on you.😇
Happy Navratri to You and Your Family.

Celebrate each day of Navratri with ever-growing zeal and indulge yourself in pious activities and Gods shall favor you in the coming year. Happy Navratri.

May Maa Durga bestow you and your family with 9 forms of blessings- fame, name, wealth, prosperity, happiness, education, health, power, and commitment. Happy Navratri.

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